It's been a slow start to the year, but I'm finally ready to stop avoiding this rebrand and start taking action😅
My plate was already full, but I went back to the buffet for seconds 🙂
Turns out I've been doing it all wrong🙃
"I took a couple, you know I- took some time off to rest and now it's game time b*tches" - Nicki Minaj
After careful thought, I will no longer be writing on Substack. This newsletter is moving to Revue. You don’t need to do anything; I’ve made all the…
I started my business on a whim. All I have is drive and an idea, but I'm determined to make it a success. When I say I'm running my business on vibes…
So is it time to start building 7 businesses??
And we need to do something about it.
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Minding My Business